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Modular Beadlock

Dotz Modular Beadlock
Off-road performance in a Beadlock design

Reaching places where no-one has gone before. This philosophy has been accompanying the Suzuki Jimny ever since its first model was launched roughly fifty years ago. Since then, a lot has happened in terms of technology. Especially for aficionados of true off-roaders a technology used in the military has been adopted and brought to perfection – beadlock rims. Originally, beadlock wheels were developed to prevent tyres from spinning or coming off the wheels under enormous torque loads and lower tyre pressures. Following the general SUV trend, DOTZ 4x4 developed a new off-road steel rim in a beadlock design. The DOTZ Modular Beadlock features ten striking, round-shaped openings flanked by decorative screws. As a result, the wheel is a perfect visual and technical match for true off-road workhorses such as the new Suzuki Jimny, the Mercedes X-Class, the Renault Alaskan or the Nissan Navara NP 300.

Into the wild – free of registrations
For the new and fourth generation of the bestseller Suzuki Jimny in the dimension 5.5x15 DOTZ 4x4 offers ECE attachments free of registration as early as from July 2019 onward.
For all friends of the “star pick-up”, the Mercedes X-Class, the Renault Alaskan and the Nissan Navara NP 300, the rim will be available as of autumn 2019 in the dimension 7.5x18 including a VTA certification.

Design, functionality and top quality from Switzerland – The best conditions for true off-road

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